Avoid loss of bills/stocks

One of the main issue that the small coffee shop owners are worried about is that their staffs might not enter the bills into the system. With Hangpopok Cloud POS System, for every coffee sold out, the system will automatically deduct the number of glasses, amount of milk, coffee or sugar used. By that, you can easily compare the coffee sold out with the amount of stock of the ingredients to avoid stock loss, cheating.

No need to buy a lot of machine

Selling a small coffee shop, even you want to use the system, you are still afraid of the cost of the system, costs of the machine required to buy for using POS System. Also, the small coffee kiosk seems too small for a computer/laptop or a printer. No worry, Hangpopok POS Cloud System costs you only $7/month which equals 1000 riel/day. With the help of our POS you can avoid the possible loss that may occur. We also provide you Hangpopok Mobile POS Printer which similar to a phone and a printer connect together, its size perfectly fit your small coffee kiosk

Manage multiple coffee kiosks while working/travelling

One of the main advantages of using Cloud POS System is that you can manage multiple shop at one times by your mobile phone from any where.

This means that all the selling data from your shop will be directly send to your admin account. You can check it in your free time while working or travelling. You only need to come to your shop once in a while to keep track of the stock, income, customer’s feedback

Provide you daily profit and loss information

At the end of the day, there will be a report shows you the income in one day from which branch/kiosk. Therefore, you dont need to spend time come to each branch to collect the bills and calculate all of them to work out your profit. You also can compare the income in different season to have the appropriate promotions to increase sales

Try our system for free 15 days

With only 3 minutes, you can register a POS System for your business selling on many devices from Laptop, Touch Screens, Native Mobile Apps (Android/iOS)