Check for size and colour with just a few clicks

The shop owners can check for size and colour of each model in stocks with just one click. If you own a fashion shop, you will know that everytime the customers ask for different size or colour, you or your staffs has to run to check in your stock. This process takes times and make you tired if there are a lot of customers in the shop.

With Hangpopok POS Cloud System, with just a few clicks, you can check the quantity of products in stock immediately.

Support selling online and offline

Selling online means that you have to create an order first before you actually receive money. In the system. In Hangpopok POS System we let you edit the bill, print out customer number and customer name as well as customer address on the bill for delivery man to deliver product to them.

Manage your shop while you are travelling

One of the main advantages of using Cloud POS System is that you can manage your shop by your mobile phone from any where.

This means that all the selling data from your shop will be directly send to your admin account. You can check it in your free time while working or travelling. You only need to come to your shop once in a while to keep track of the stock, income, customer’s feedback

Provide you daily profit and lost report immediately, help you keep tracks of each staff selling and provide commission for your staff

If you have to sit down to calculate all the bills every day or every month. Forget it now. With Hangpopok POS System, the profit and loss report will show daily, monthly, yearly in the report sections. You also can check the revenue brought by each staff to be able to provide commission for them.

Provide you a modern but affordable POS System

A POS system is surely can help fashion shop looks more modern and resolve their problem. However, most of shop owners are hesitating to apply one because they afraid of the price of the system, it might be too difficult to use… No worry, with Hangpopok Cloud POS System, we provide you a solution in which is easy to use, affordable (as you can pay monthly) and we always support you. Just call us. We will provide the best solution for your shops.

Try our system for free 15 days

With only 3 minutes, you can register a POS System for your business selling on many devices from Laptop, Touch Screens, Native Mobile Apps (Android/iOS)