How to sell in the sell page – HANGPOPOK POS Cloud System

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Firstly, this is how the sell page looks like

You can login direct to the sell page or access to the sell page by pressing the red button SELL on your main dashboard page. If you don’t know how to log in to this account. Click HERE

In this sell page, you can started by type the products name on the up right corner of the screen (Note: you don’t need to type all of its name, only some letters). After you type the letter in, the list of product names that contains that letter will appear for you to choose


Just click on the product your customers want to buy, you can adjust the quantity in the quantity box, the system will automatically multiply for you. You can see the small up and down icon beside the quantity number, you can either use these button or type directly into the box

If you want to record your new customer’s information please click in the “+” sign in this area

After you click on the “+”  sign, a form will appear for you to fill in customer information. You can choose their type which is either “Retail customer” or “Loyal (Wholesale) Customer”. This support you in case you have different price book for different type of customer. For example, you may have Retail Price Book for Retail customer or Wholesale Price Book for Loyal Customer. I will show you detail on the price book in the later post. Here is the customer information box

And in the red box below is where you can choose the customer type. You don’t need to fill in all information of customers. You can only fill in their name, mobile phone number and what customer group they belongs to

After that, click SAVE CHANGES and the form will disappear, given you back to the Sell page. In the sell page type the name of the new customer inside the red box, it will appear, in this case, the name is VIVIE

If you want to provide special rate for this customer, you can choose the discount section. In the discount section, you will be able to choose either to discount by percentage or discount by the amount of money, the system will automatically calculate for you.

If your products is need to add in VAT tax, you can click the “Add-on” function and then tick in the VAT (10%) in the box appeared.

After you receive money from your customers, if you don’t want to track the money notes you receive, just type the amount of money directly to the Money Received area. If you want to track the money notes, just need to click in the money note provided, we have khmer riel notes and US dollars note. After you have done, click Enter, the computer will automatically calculate the amount of money you have to give back to your customers.

When you finish, click the FINISH button, then a print window will appear, you can change the printer in the red box. If you want to print this receipt out, click “Print” or if you don’t want just click “Cancel”.

That’s all for the sell page, you only take 5 minutes to get used to the system. You can learn more in the dashboard section HERE.



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