Solution designed for professionals

Order quickly to kitchen, boss check stock/sale immediately

Order at table, Print Bill at Cashier

Popular choice for most professional restaurant, balance between convenient and flexible

Print customer receipts quickly right at table

No more waiting for cashier to print bill, quickly print quotation for customer to see

Customer love trendy cafe/restaurants

Order faster and more accurate

  • Order at table, auto print to many bar/kitchen: Reduce staff moving time.
  • Powerful membership and promotion program: Save point, VIP, Happy Hour, etc are applied and report accurately.
  • Manage anywhere, manage many branches easily. Reducing cost of buying and maintaining servers yourself.

Manager needs powerful tools to track business

Track Stock Loss, All Money In/Out are recorded carefully

  • Deduct Stock for many kind of product like Cargo, Combo, Ingredients, etc
  • Track stock history for each product easily. All Stock In/Out are recorded visually for manager to check
  • Assign User Privilege securely for managers and business partners. E.g Manager can check stock and stable stock while business partners can see daily sale reports from Singapore, or anywhere.
  • Many kind of reports give you an accurate overview of your business status. These can be access from android/ios email or notification without ANY limitation

Ready for Professional Environment

Designed and Tested in harsh environment

  • Order on Tablet/Customer Checkout even internet is down. Yes, we understand this situation and worked with our customers to make this possible for Cambodian Business
  • Optimize for touch screen
  • Sell process are learnt and improved from old system to make it faster/easier for staff
  • Log illegal access/action to your system like login, delete invoice, etc

Our choices hardware

Picked for speed and stability

  • Our Picked Computer are from good providers like Intel, Kingston, etc.. providing fast and stable sell experience for your staff
  • Our Cloud System can connect with many professional POS Equipments like Buzzer, Customer Display, Dual Screen, etc..
  • All hardware and software are warrantee and life time support


With 10 years+ exp in Local POS, we know Cloud is the future
Manage ingredients stocks. Avoid Stock loss
Prevent Cashier Cheating
Easy to use Support both Khmer/English Language
Report on hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, revenue and profit

Benefits Of True Cloud Solution

Using true cloud solution, you will always get benefits that you can't find anywhere else
Support Online Quickly
Free Maintenance
Lifetime Software warranty
Always updated new, modern features

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