Check stock with Hangpopok POS

Managing stock is always an annoying issue in vegetable/farming shops as the owners might find is hard to differentiate the newly imported stock with the outdated vegetables. Also the amount of spoiled vegetables which should be thrown away shall be deduct to stock because it will affect your income.

Hangpopok helps you to resolve all the above issue and we also let you know which type of products is out of stock or has reach the limited stock so you can ensure the levels of stock in your shops anytimes.

Manage online/phone orders with Hangpopok POS

Hangpopok Cloud POS System support you to print receipt for online/phone order add shipping services fee and input the money in the system when your bills are paid.

Manage partner’s information

The time when you need to store a lot of name cards has passed, with Hangpopok, we help you save all the suppliers information. If you want to import a product but forget its supplier’s phone number, you only need to search for its name/code, the system will show you who has supplied this product for you.

Diversified your selling units

Vegetables and fruits can be bought in kilograms and sold by one fruit or hundred grams. With Hangpopok POS Cloud System you can easily added new unit to sell. By this, you know exactly the number of vegetable sold and number of those in stocks

Provide you daily profit and loss information

After close your shop, normally, you have to spend a few more hours to calculate profit&loss by plus and minus a tons of bills and receipts. Now you can spend that time with your friends or family as Hangpopok POS Cloud System will helps you calculate profit and loss automatically at the end of the day. You can also check for your weekly/monthly/yearly income easily just by a few clicks.

Try our system for free 30 days

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