Windows security revisited and rethink

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In the last two days, the cyber world has been shocked by the rise of a virus name WannaCry(in khmer ចង់យំ). Is that new? Nope. Should you worry about that? Yes. Besides following what people tell you about how to patch your system and be careful when clicking on malicious links, you should consider something at higher level such as having more backups, keeping your important files on the cloud or using cloud services.

This problem makes me think back to 2004 when my uncle starts applying technology into his clothing shop. So we found a POS system and deploy it for him. Beside the painful of using the old POS technology back then which I will share in another post, he has to deal with technical failure all over the time. Things like data corruption due to power failure, windows corruption due to virus happens so frequently. The solution is calling the provider from the big city to come and fix.

Fast forward to 2017, now technology has sky rocket in the last 10 years, companies are moving to the cloud. Google introduces Google Docs to help you create document/spreadsheet/presentation on the cloud. Microsoft introduce OneDrive to help you store files on the cloud. Why? because they know you don’t have time to due with technical issues, they are technology guys and they should do heavy lifting for you, let you focus on your business.

We will have another detail post to compare the traditional model and the cloud model. For now, let’s accept this pain


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